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STYLEtexpro ® CAD

STYLEtexpro CAD is a ground breaking modular Computer-Aided Design Software System for the Fashion and Apparel Industry. It is a simple to learn and easy to use Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT, 32 bit application for the Design, Colouration, Presentation and Product Data Management of Prints, Wovens and Knits for Menswear, Ladieswear, Babywear, Childrenswear, Sportswear, Activewear, Corporatewear and Accessories. Our CAD clients are high street multiple retailers, clothing importers, distributors and design houses. ........ back to products list


STYLEtexpro STUDIO offers a professional CAD solution on a Bureau basis to clothing companies for styles, colourways, illustrations, package design, storyboards, prints, knitwear, woven textiles and digital fabric printing. Our clients benefit from a reliable, fast and efficient service for all their design requirements. Many of our clients who design and manufacture for well-known retailers such as TKMax, New Look, John Lewis, River Island and M&S depend on our Studio to produce effective design and sales presentations.
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STYLEtexpro MOBILE STUDIO service is available on-site for those companies who require design services at their own premises. Our designers will bring all their own computer equipment with full CAD software to undertake your projects. Range planning, colourways, storyboard presentation, creation of prints, wovens and knitwear is a speciality. ........ back to products list

STYLEtexpro ® CAM

STYLEtexpro CAM is a ground breaking modular Computer-Aided Design Manufacturing System for the Fashion and Apparel Industry. It allows you to change the way you design a garment - integrate first pattern, grading, marking and production pattern into one quick and efficient process. Digitizers, Plotters and Cutters can be provided for the complete CAM process. ........ back to products list

STYLEtexpro ® PDM

STYLEtexpro PDM is a workflow driven Product Data Management (PDM) System for the Apparel, Footwear and Textile Industries. It uses a common database to relate every aspect of style specification including graphics and textual information and makes it available across department boundaries and globally through the World Wide Web. It allows you to track modifications and status of specifications, keep track of deadlines and generate action plans. It readily integrates with CAD, ERP and MRP systems.
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STYLEtexpro ® ERP

STYLEtexpro ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a comprehensive suite of software modules to meet the specific demands of the fashion, textiles and footwear industry from forecasting, planning and procurement to production, distribution and after sales support.

Whether you are a vertically integrated business, a manufacturer, a wholesaler, a retailer, sourcing or manufacturing overseas, working on a CMT basis,STYLEtexpro ERP using an integral style/colour/size/fit matrix to meet your supply chain management needs.

Modules are available for Forecasting, Sales Order Processing, Source Purchasing, Import Management, Stock Control, Export Management, Financial Accounts, Product Definition, Material Requirements Planning, Sales Analysis and Management.

STYLEtexpro ERP supports AS/400, iSeries, Windows, Unix, Linux environments. ........ back to products list

STYLEtexpro ® ASP

STYLEtexpro ASP (Application Service Provision) allows you to rent the software over the Internet, with your data hosted safely off-site. For a reasonable per user, per month fee, you use as much or as little of the application as you need. In this pay-as-you-go model, the customer does not need to come up with the investment necessary for all the hardware, operating systems, databases, licenses, IT staff, and ongoing overhead - everything associated with buying, implementing and maintaining an application.

The ASP model eliminates application backlogs, speeds up deployment of business applications, improves availability to scale IT resources more quickly , avoids heavy upfront capital costs, relieves overburdened/understaffed IT departments, lowers ongoing total cost of ownership , makes IT costs more predictable, transfers risk of application ownership to Application Service Provider. ........ back to products list

e-STYLEtexpro ®

e-STYLEtexpro provides B2B, B2C business solutions providing on-line access for customers, sales people, agents, suppliers and buying agents from a web browser.

The electronic economy is fast becoming a reality with the upgrading of communications infrastructures and the ever increasing growth of the internet. By harnessing the power of the internet businesses can work more closely with manufacturers overseas and/or customers creating greater efficiencies and enabling margins to be maintained.

e-STYLEtexpro is a fully web-enabled supply chain management solution that leverages the power of the internet to more efficiently connect you with partners, suppliers and customers. ........ back to products list


STYLEtexpro INTELLIGENCE is the fastest easiest way to bring Intelligence to your Enterprise. Information is Power but only if the Delivery is timely. Users can slice, dice or drill from any tabular, graphic or report view and they don't have to be power users to do so. It allows you to give your users the information they need in a form they can easily use.

STYLEtexpro INTELLIGENCE is a suite of tools designed to meet the needs of inventory, sales, customer service and finance managers and analysts. It is a leading enterprise business intelligence solution that ensures that the most appropriate information is delivered to the right people in the right way at the right time. Report requests that were unavailable or took weeks to be produce can be preformed by end users in a matter of seconds. It is a leading enterprise business intelligence solution that ensures that the most appropriate information is delivered to the right people in the right way at the right time.
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