STYLEtexpro® PDM

Features and benefits at a glance

STYLEtexpro PDM is a Workflow driven Product Data Management (PDM) System for the Apparel, Footwear and Textile Industries.

It uses a common database to relate every aspect of style specification including graphics and textual information and makes it available across department boundaries and globally through the World Wide Web.

It allows you to track modifications and status of specifications, keep track of deadlines and generate action plans. It readily integrates with CAD, ERP and MRP systems.

  • Search Menu gives high quality (high resolution), including sketches (clipart), video (mpeg), photographic pictures helping the retailer/manufacturer to improve quality and response.
  • Range Plan tool allows you to bring all ideas/multiple styles together which can otherwise be scattered on different pieces of paper.
  • Critical Path allows you, the retailer/manufacturer/partner to participate in the tracking of the development processes and uses automatic e-mail notification to warn operators of pending work to be completed.
  • Task Manager is composed at real time by gathering data from all active Critical Path Pages. Tasks can be removed to other users/groups, started or completed. Users can view their own task lists.
  • Folder Summary – Communications of detailed product specifications can be shared between the customer and it’s suppliers via the inter/intra-net. All text fields and image properties are configurable to reflect the business/product types involved.
  • Text Form is a simple, free-entry form containing an image area and a text area with some simple formatting capabilities. Provides numerous possibilities for the end use of this form. The example here outlines the core shirt dimensions, with fit/comments.
  • Bills of Material/Costings - Single and three dimensional bill of materials/costing built into the application, with links to several third party ERP applications. Labour control links (GSD). Once the costings have been completed the bill of materials can be uploaded to the ERP system for ‘contract control and ordering’.

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