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JR Deals with Rich & Pure

J.R. Hosiery & Co. Ltd established in 1964 are at the heart of Manchester’s fashion and clothing distribution network. Specialising in high quality ladies knitwear, childrenswear and outerwear, they supply leading high street multiples, independent retailers and mail order houses.

With a thriving cash and carry and a recent opening of a new showroom in Leicester, they are taking full advantage of expansion and the benefits of the product and services Rich & Pure Ltd has brought to their company.

Managing Director Mr. Jerath says that “ STYLEtexpro CAD not only aids his Design Team in range development but more importantly contributes in the direct selling process for his Agents, Distributors and Sales Team”.

“ Over the past years we have built up extensive libraries of hand drawn designs with intricate details of embroidered motifs, flowers, abstract and geometric trimmings. Combined with these we have traditionally hand painted and applied them to our ranges using our own colour palette”.

“Since our CAD installation, it now gives us a tremendous opportunity to quickly re-use our extensive archive material to produce new winning designs with our own unique colours instantly”.

“Our Sales Force are now in a position to offer our customers exactly what they want. Within minutes we can bring up a design and modify it or re-colour it using STYLEtexpro CAD, which gives confidence to our Buyers. We can then present or send to our customers, presentation sheets of each design in every available colourway. Therefore, ensuring we have every opportunity to sell our stock and forward merchandise with the quickest possible turn-around”.

Mr. Jerath looks forward to implementing the many other solutions, Rich & Pure offers such as STYLEtexpro CAM, PDM, ERP and BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE software.

Mr. Jerath finishes the interview by mentioning the excellent services he receives from Tahir Naeem (Director) and his colleagues.


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Further Case Studies

CAD-MM Careerwear

CAD - J.R Hosiery & Co.

CAD - Burhani Trading Co.

Apparel ERP - Cookson & Clegg