Design Specs. Workbook® from £200 ex vat only
What is Design Specs. Workbook for?
Design Specs. Workbook is a collection of apparel industry most commonly used forms for samples making, fitting, production and costing. It helps designers to manage style data and minimize communication and production problems.

Who should use it?
* Startups
* Companies that are still using hand written forms
* Companies that need to improve existing forms
* Freelance designers/technical designers
* Design teachers/students for educational purposes

What are the benefits of Design Specs Workbook?
* Immediate startup and easy to use
* Simplify complicated tasks with built-in macros, embedded formulas and linked data
* Professionally designed and developed by technical designers with years of experience
* All forms are based on current information and industry specific terminology
* Sample workbook included for references and user's guide for each field
* No software user's license hassles and unlimited usage

Do I need to have Excel program?
Yes. You must have Microsoft® Excel 97 or later versions installed properly on your computer and your Excel's security level must set to "Medium" in order to use this workbook.

Does it work with Excel for MAC?

Besides faxing these printed forms, can I e-mail them? What about compatibility issues?
You can send individual form as an e-mail message body (HTML format) which is supported by most e-mail programs or send the entire EXCEL workbook as an attachment. Your recipients do not need to have own Excel program because Microsoft® Excel Viewer is a small size FREEWARE that allows them to view and print your Excel Workbook. Simply provide them with the viewer along with your file.

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